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Battery disposal can be messy and wasteful. Do something great for the environment by giving your old batteries to Tri-City Industrial Power for getting recycled into new batteries! You'll be reimbursed for turning over your old lead-acid batteries to us. The acid in old batteries can be reclaimed for the creation of new batteries, avoiding the dangerous and messy battery acid disposal process.


We're able to recycle almost 100% of the lead-acid batteries you give us. This, in turn, enables us to provide you with new batteries! This renewable energy process is safe and productive.

Eco-friendly battery recycling

• Computer-controlled system with no hazardous emissions

• EPA approved

• Gallons of reclaimed acid reused to avoid dangerous acid disposal

• Sulfur fumes trapped and made into liquid fertilizer

Clean battery production

Don't let your battery's life end when it dies - give it to us to create new batteries!

Battery recycling

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